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Porsche Warranty Quote

Specialising in sports cars, supercars and hypercars, Porsche is a name that all but guarantees a good time on the open road. And thanks to a comprehensive Porsche warranty from MotorEasy, the excitement and exhilaration just got that much higher.

Replace your existing or expired manufacturer warranty from Porsche with MotorEasy and discover a whole bunch of handy perks that help you get more out of your investment.

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Why Do I Need A Warranty For My Porsche?

Porsche may be known for producing classy, elegant cars and we’re confident a MotorEasy warranty will protect everything you love about your Porsche.

Our warranties are designed to offer the best combination of cover and value, delivering many features that aren’t available with a Porsche manufacturer warranty. Our plans cover:

  • Failures identified during MOTs and servicing
  • Wear and tear – a feature not present in a standard Porsche manufacturer warranty
  • Consequential damage as standard, meaning repairs or replacements are covered when directly impacted by a failure
  • Failures caused by overheating
  • Air conditioning problems

Porsche Reliability: A MotorEasy Study

The MotorEasy Reliability Index measures the dependability of a car, as an average of the frequency and cost of repairs for over 1,200 models. It reveals some of the hidden costs of ownership, as well as the likelihood of something going wrong. Each model is given a reliability score ranging from -100 (red), for a high frequency and/or high cost of repair, through to +100 (green), where there is a low frequency and cost of repair.

The index also includes model-specific data on:

  • The typical repairs needed for each model, including the percentage of claims for engine, gearbox, electrical system, suspension, braking system and fuel system repairs.
  • The average cost for each of the above types of repairs

Select from the list below to view Porsche reliability index data:

MotorEasy Reliability Score: -14.5
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £1,487.38 36.84%
Gearbox £346.80 10.53%
Electrical system £379.62 21.05%
Suspension £1,413.06 15.79%
Braking system £911.48 15.79%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: -50
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £549.85 37.50%
Gearbox £1,476.18 6.25%
Suspension £283.97 43.75%
Braking system £1,298.15 12.50%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: -52
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £1,813.62 21.51%
Gearbox £1,680.30 4.30%
Electrical system £449.80 35.48%
Suspension £305.37 22.58%
Braking system £377.05 8.60%
Fuel system £1,263.48 7.53%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: -44
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £5,748.00 3.33%
Electrical system £532.62 50.00%
Suspension £532.27 16.67%
Braking system £591.61 16.67%
Fuel system £536.62 13.33%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

MotorEasy Reliability Score: -66
IssueAverage Repair CostPercentage of Claims Made
Engine £2,597.73 17.07%
Gearbox £1,874.48 2.44%
Electrical system £283.98 29.27%
Suspension £1,204.32 34.15%
Braking system £436.19 9.76%
Fuel system £1,123.35 7.32%

Average Repair Cost

Percentage of Claims Made

The Benefits Of A MotorEasy Warranty

Having a MotorEasy warranty for your Porsche means you will also have access to benefits like:

  • Our monitored repair process tracking workshop progress and ensuring work is completed to agreed standards
  • We pay network garages directly, meaning you are never out of pocket
  • Access to our network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • Collection and delivery from your home or work
  • 24/7 online booking
  • Free online account area where you can create a digital logbook for your car, with access to useful reminder dates and a range of value-add discounts

MotorEasy provides warranties across the Porsche range and these benefits are available for warranties on all manufacturers. Enter your registration and mileage in our quote engine to choose a plan tailored to your Porsche’s age and condition. You can also opt for a Lite plan, designed to pay-out in the event that your car has broken down and needs roadside recovery. 


How Can I Get A Quote For My Porsche?

To receive your free Porsche warranty quote online today, simply head over to our quote page, where you’ll be asked to fill in your registration number, and we’ll take you step by step through the rest. After everything is finalised, your estimate will appear on-screen – you don’t even need to wait for an email!

Or, if you’d rather talk to someone about your query, please contact 0800 131 0001 and speak with a member of our team. And don’t worry, calls to this number are completely free.

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Recent Paid Repairs: Porsche

Porsche is one of the most exciting names in motoring, with a proud tradition of producing luxury, high-performance cars. However, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap! Many common repairs for this make of vehicle typically exceed one thousand pounds, so you’d be wise to get clued up on how much you can expect to pay if and when something goes wrong. Start by checking out some of our recent case studies, which are outlined for you below:

  • Boxster: Recently, our engineers monitored the repair of the cylinder block in one of these sports cars. Parts and labour for this particular job came to £7,800. It’s costs like these that can send motorists into a panic, quickly. With a Porsche warranty from MotorEasy, you’ll be able to say goodbye to repair bill hassle and get back to the business of driving one of the finest vehicles on the market!
  • 911: Another job we completed not so long ago meant fitting a completely new engine in the owner’s 911, which totted up to £ £1,686.96. Luckily, their MotorEasy warranty covered the work our engineers did, otherwise that would have been a significant financial burden to bear.
  • Cayenne: Also, a little while back, we undertook a full gearbox overhaul on a Porsche Cayenne. Because of the work involved, the final bill totalled £4,170. Unexpected repair costs catch even the savviest motorists off guard, so be in no doubt you’re properly covered with a comprehensive Porsche warranty courtesy of MotorEasy.
  • Cayman: Our engineers recently fixed the fans in two of these luxury cars. Parts and labour for the first job totalled £471.1, while the second required more work and ended up costing £660.56. A Porsche warranty from MotorEasy takes repair bill hassle out of your life and lets you return to the important business of enjoying your car.
  • Macan: One job we completed on this type of car involved repairing the transfer box, which totalled £1,266.12. A MotorEasy warranty for your Porsche covers the vast majority of work our engineers do, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Panamera: We recently did work on the EGR Valve and cooler in this type of car, which came to £1,007.81, including diagnostics, parts and labour costs. Be in no doubt that you’re covered completely by taking out a comprehensive Porsche warranty with MotorEasy that safeguards both your car and your wallet.