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BMW GAP Insurance

Imagine your beloved BMW is involved in an accident, and your motor insurer tells you they'll only pay what they consider your car to be worth at that moment – the 'Market Value.' It's a disheartening scenario, but that's where your BMW GAP insurance comes to the rescue, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

BMW GAP insurance isn't just an option; it's your safety net, ensuring you receive a more substantial payout than what your standard motor insurance offers. With various types of GAP insurance, you have the power to secure the full settlement amount of your finance agreement, recoup the original invoice price you paid for your cherished BMW, or even get the means to replace it with a brand-new model when the time comes to make a claim.

The MotorEasy BMW GAP Insurance won't leave the fate of your BMW to chance. 


Why do I need BMW GAP Insurance?

As devoted BMW enthusiasts, you're aware of the exceptional quality and skill that go into these vehicles, making it even more important to protect your investment.

In a world where sudden accidents or theft can occur, traditional insurance might not fully cover the true worth of your BMW. You need to have the assurance that you can replace your car. Unfortunately, this peace of mind is often shattered by the cruel reality of depreciation.

On average, a car can lose a shocking 60% of its value over just three years. So, in the unfortunate event of a write-off or theft, your insurer will only offer you a fraction of the amount you primarily invested in your gleaming new BMW.

For instance, if you spent £50,000 on a brand-new BMW 5-Series, you could be left with a mere £20,000 payout if your car faces such an unfortunate fate three years later. This financial gap means you'd have to dig deep into your pockets to afford an equivalent replacement.

The stark truth is that there's often a substantial difference between what you need to replace your BMW and what your insurance company is willing to pay. This chasm can make obtaining a like-for-like replacement an insurmountable challenge.

But there's a solution: MotorEasy GAP Insurance. It's the safety net you've been looking for to bridge this potentially significant shortfall. With this coverage, you can recoup the original cost of your vehicle, sparing you from the harsh blow of its heavily depreciated market value.

Learn more about how you can safeguard your BMW investment in our comprehensive GAP Insurance guide. Don't let depreciation catch you off guard.


What does BMW GAP insurance cover?

Behind the wheel of your BMW, the last thing you want to ponder is the possibility of a write-off. Yet, the unsettling truth is that more than half a million cars meet this fate in the UK each year. The importance of safeguarding your prized BMW from this looming threat cannot be overstated.

So, what exactly is a write-off? Typically, it arises from accidents, fires, or, increasingly, car thefts. This last category is particularly noteworthy as the statistics paint a concerning picture. Car theft is on the rise, and it's crucial to arm yourself with the right protection.

In 2017/18, an astounding 112,174 motor vehicles were stolen in the UK, equating to a staggering 307 thefts every single day. What's even more alarming is that this figure represents a significant increase compared to previous years, marking a persistent 50% surge in car theft over the last five years.

As a BMW owner, you cherish the luxury, performance, and sophistication your vehicle offers. It's a statement of your refined taste and lifestyle. Protecting it with MotorEasy BMW GAP Insurance is not just prudent; it's an absolute necessity. This specialised coverage ensures that your BMW is shielded against the menace of write-offs and theft, preserving the integrity of your BMW.  


How much does BMW Gap Insurance cost?

Interested in BMW Gap Insurance pricing? Get a quote with MotorEasy here. Our rates offer incredible savings of up to 75% when compared to dealer prices, and they are customised to suit your BMW's specific model and age. Add our expert knowledge and comprehensive coverage into the mix, and you've got the ultimate safeguard for your beloved BMW.


BMW Gap Insurance - Is It Worth It?

From the very moment your BMW tyres touch the road, it's exposed to depreciation, a steep decline in value that persists year after year.

Imagine, you have invested in your BMW for £45,000. Then, a few months down the road, it's met with an unfortunate write-off. Your motor insurer, as per usual, will offer a settlement equal to the market value on the day of the incident.

Now, if that market value happens to be a mere £36,000, it could leave you with a significant gap of £9,000, which you'd be left to cover yourself. However, when you've got BMW Gap Insurance in place, you have the power to claim that £9,000, ensuring you're not left bearing the financial burden.

With our BMW Gap Insurance, you can rest easy, knowing this hefty sum is fully covered, lightening your financial load.


Why choose MotorEasy?

Unlock the full capability of your BMW ownership with our BMW GAP Insurance. It's not just an extra layer of protection; it's the ultimate peace of mind that your standard policy simply can't match. If you treasure your BMW, this is the sharpest way to guarantee you'll always have the financial means to replace it or clear any outstanding finance.

Our MotorEasy GAP Insurance is designed for all BMWs up to 8 years old or with up to 70,000 miles on the clock. It's a straightforward, budget-friendly way to relieve risk while fully enjoying your BMW.

Here's what you can look forward to with MotorEasy GAP Insurance:

  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs.
  • A FREE MotorEasy account, granting you access to all your car's details, essential documents, timely reminders, and exclusive motoring offers.
  • Coverage of up to £1,000 in motor insurance excess.
  • Optional extras and accessories are also covered (provided they're factory or dealer fitted).
  • Plus, you're covered for European road trips.

Choose MotorEasy GAP Insurance for your BMW and ensure your driving experience is worry-free, now and in the future.

Interested in BMW Gap Insurance pricing? Look no further than MotorEasy. Our rates offer incredible savings of up to 75% when compared to dealer prices, and they are customised to suit your BMW's specific model and age. Add our expert knowledge and comprehensive coverage into the mix, and you've got the ultimate safeguard for your beloved BMW. 


Getting your BMW GAP Insurance quote

Locking MotorEasy's BMW GAP Insurance is a swift and hassle-free process. Explore our comprehensive GAP Insurance page, where you'll find all the essential details and an efficient quote tool that can have you covered in mere seconds. Make a wise choice for your BMW's protection today.

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